Why You Should Intern With The Thomas Foundation

It was finally summer time, so I was excited to drop my books and pick up the television remote. I realized, however, that watching television all summer was not necessarily the best use of my time. I resolved to do something about that, and decided to find an internship or a volunteer activity that would make for a valuable learning experience. Immediately, I found myself scrolling through internship opportunities in my school’s job posting system, GWork, hoping something interesting would catch my eye. After several pages, the Thomas Foundation piqued my interest. Without hesitation, I researched them online, and found out that they had an office right here in Washington D.C.

A good portion of the Thomas Foundation's work was helping less-privileged children in schools feel confident and accomplished through art and community. Working with people, specifically children, who don’t receive the many advantages of the upper class has always been one of my goals in life. For that reason, I sought to aid this foundation in their work. I applied and got the internship with the Thomas Foundation and am thankful that I spent my summer ensuring that the organizations we fund truly make a difference in other’s lives.