How Your Charitable Donations Help Us Change Lives


What We Do

The Thomas Foundation supports creative individuals with the potential to drive transformative change in their communities. The right kind of assistance offered at the right moment can catalyze innovation and mark a decisive break with the status quo. Reflecting the unique needs of each individual, we do not impose fixed selection criteria, but instead seek out passionate, community-focused innovators.

Practical Solutions

Individual Insight

Leadership & Community

The Thomas Foundation's support has been transformative. I never thought an organization would be willing to invest and mentor me in this manner.
— Luz Ayade, Sondeluz

Individuals and their Communities

Economic support, mentorship, and education are essential to realize the potential of new ideas. A single successful investment can generate a powerful example for an entire community and inspire innovation in others. The Thomas Foundation offers strategic support to creative individuals working in communities around the world.



We are Always Learning

Supporting original ideas that address the unique conditions of diverse communities requires both intellectual and operational flexibility. Active engagement and the constructive exchange of information are essential to thoroughly evaluate the potential of new concepts. At its core, fostering innovative solutions is about shedding preconceptions, rejecting reflexive biases, and honoring the creative potential in all people, regardless of their background. Ultimately, we believe that this capacity for dispassionate judgement is not merely an advantage but an absolute necessity, as history has demonstrated time and again that a community’s collective survival hinges on its ability to develop and apply creative solutions to complex problems.

Equipping cultural and intellectual pioneers willing to challenge convention through creative solutions requires an equally innovative form of strategic support. Our mission is to build a global network of interdisciplinary facilitators, who draw on their own diverse talents and experiences to help bring new ideas to fruition. The Thomas Foundation understands its work as a fundamentally collaborative process that drives our own continuous growth and learning as well as that of our grantees.