Why I Interned With The Thomas Foundation

I chose to intern for the Thomas Foundation because they are an organization that identifies and funds mechanisms through which people can bring about positive change in their lives. These mechanisms offer long term aid to those in need.

Personally, I connected with many of the stories of how the Thomas Foundation is making an impact around the world. Philanthropy is a necessary part of modern society, and the Thomas Foundation maintains this as its targeted mission. Instead of just giving things away, the goal is to help establish institutions that are available to the less fortunate to improve their station in life.

The opportunities to better one's self are not always readily available to everyone. Often when individuals find themselves in poor circumstances, it can be hard for them to summon the willpower to keep moving forward. The Thomas Foundation wants to be that beacon of hope for them. Helping others reach their goals is important to me, and I wanted to volunteer my time for a cause in which I could believe.

Empowering Spanish school children to have an entrepreneurial mindset, helping DC children with traumatic life stories learn to socialize again, restoring the gift of sight to Pakistan’s poor, and giving community members an artistic outlet in an otherwise dangerous Colombian neighborhood are all examples of how the Thomas Foundation is making lasting changes in communities around the world.

Having witnessed firsthand how people can transform their lives when there are institutions in place to assist them, I believe it is my responsibility to turn around and do my part to help these institutions stay in place for those that come after me.

Society progresses when we provide equal opportunity to all, regardless of socioeconomic status, when we help people achieve their full potential. A handful of people reaching the summit does not matter if they leave everyone else at the base. What matters is that those who are able to climb the mountain easily, put tools in place for others behind them to use. When we share in each other's struggles, we prosper as a whole.