Syga Thomas

Syga Thomas is dedicated to empowering individuals to be catalysts for meaningful change. His journey began in the diplomatic service for the U.S. State Department, where his expertise and passion led him to influential roles across the globe. As the Ambassador’s chief political advisor in Niger, Thomas championed human rights and democracy, becoming a key figure in promoting these values. His tenure included a pivotal role as the Political/Military Officer at the US Embassy in Seoul, Korea, where he engaged with a diverse group of leaders on critical issues such as nuclear energy, international migration, and bilateral trade.

His commitment to fostering positive change continued in Pakistan, where he contributed to advancing US interests, and in Spain, where he played a significant role in the Economic Section of the US Embassy in Madrid during a challenging economic downturn.

Syga’s academic achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in History from Columbia University and a Master’s degree in International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. His contributions to global diplomacy and development were recognized in 2007 when he was named a Delegate to the Academy of Achievement, marking him as a leader dedicated to creating a better world through dialogue, understanding, and action.