Running to a Healthy Life

Background:As a professor of physiology at Creteil University, Joffrey has been trying to understand the functioning of the human body and its limits since he can remember. He began training and becoming active in sports almost 15 years ago as a sprinter and is now a coach and ultimate trail runner.

Description: The UTMB is a commitment to run around Mont-Blanc and is an unique experience where each participant will have to draw from their strengths and push their mental and physical limits in order to cross the finishing line.

Assessment: By providing these funds to Joffrey Belloy, he will be able to complete all 5 courses of the Ultimate Trail.

Grant Details

Group: Joffrey Belloy

Age Range: 20 +

Year Established: 2008

Staff: N/A

Amount: $1150

Location: France

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Focus Area: Leadership