Giving a voice to the Deaf

Background: Media'Pi started out with the creation of the magazine Art'Pi !, the first free art magazine dedicated entirely to Deaf Culture. Under the aegis of the association Art'Sign, Art'Pi! highlights Deaf Art, so rich and yet unknown, unveiling talented artists and works and exploring artistic movements and accessible cultural events. Thanks to this success, the teams of the magazine Art'Pi! Now want to extend and amplify their actions by launching the first online information site for the deaf community: Media'Pi! Description: This online site will be based on the reputation of the magazine Art'Pi, on the know-how of its teams, and on the basis of the existing readership (nearly 36,000 readers). Media'Pi! wishes to be an open site, proposing to every Internet user to be involved in the writing of contents posted on a participatory blog. In addition, we will encourage participatory translation. To help the deaf public to master the specificities of information on the internet, both in reading and writing, adapted teaching sheets (easy French and sign language) will be created and put online. Assessment: Media'Pi! deploys a permanent action through the setting up of the first online information site intended for the deaf community in the broad sense, including also the many people connected to this community: family, accompanying persons, teachers, translators, etc. The content will be enriched daily and accessible 24 hours on computer, tablet and smartphone. To ensure its durability, it will rely on an economic model similar to that experienced by the French site Mediapart: free access with premium content through a subscription system.

Grant Details

Group: Media'Pi!

Age Range: 18+

Year Established: 2011

Staff: 16

Amount: $5,000

Location: France

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Focus Area: Entrepreneurship