Connecting Haitians to the Web

Background: The YMCA d'Haiti's is an integral part of a global community organization that works to strengthen and discipline the mind, soul and body. The YMCA of Haiti supports the development of youth and adults through programs and activities designed to strengthen education, personal development, and foster social responsibility in order to train leaders who can be agents of change for the emergence of stronger communities.

Description: This community-based organization is committed to supporting disadvantaged youth by providing them with quality programs in all our centers. We currently have 10 community centers located in: Kenscoff, Laboule, Port-au-Prince, Camp-Perrin, Laurent, Caracol, Marchand-Dessalines, Fontamara, Cité Soleil, and Croix-des-Bouquets. The YMCA serves more than 8,500 young individuals annually.

Assessment: By providing internet access to the various branches, club members will be able to partake in online learning modules and connect to the internet.

Grant Details


Age Range: 6-18+

Year Established: 2001

Staff: 16

Amount: $5,000

Location: Haiti

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Focus Area: Community