Community Wellness and the Promotion of Positive Community Change

People who regularly ask “what’s in it for me?” generally don’t gravitate toward philanthropy. Those who give charitable donations in the proper spirit, however, tend to realize that when we help others, we also help ourselves. By lending a hand to our fellow human beings in need, we make life better for all of us.

Even a single, seemingly isolated act of kindness can inevitably create a “ripple effect” that travels far and wide to permeate society with positive change. But in order to solve the major problems that plague us all, we must work together to protect the most vulnerable among us. As the Thomas Foundation puts it, “we all benefit from a culture of openness and participatory problem-solving.”

The charitable organizations that are supported by the Thomas Foundation fully understand the ways in which community wellness initiatives engender positive change well beyond the realm of community health. They have seen this change first hand in villages and cities around the world. Here are just a few initiatives that are working to transform communities through targeted charitable service.

  • The Orphelinat Rose Mina – A prime example of an organization that seeks to do good works in the community, the Haitian orphanage Orphelinat Rose Mina attends to the health and well-being of 60 orphaned/abandoned children. Many of these children were rescued after previously fending for themselves in exceptionally dangerous environments. By attending to the needs of these children today, the Orphelinat Rose Mina is preparing them to become productive members of society tomorrow. The organization has also fostered employment growth in the region by employing many of its former boarders directly.
  • Media'Pi! – This French organization serves individuals with hearing disabilities by publishing content that directly address their needs and concerns. As the founder of the Art’Pi! print magazine, Media’Pi! first began serving the deaf community in 2011. Today Media’Pi! is extending its community outreach by launching the first major online source of information that explicitly covers topics of interest to deaf individuals. Every member of society, regardless of physical function, deserves the right give back to that society to the best of his or her ability. In this spirit, Media’Pi! is dedicated to giving deaf individuals the tools that they need to succeed.
  • The YMCA of Haiti – A community based organization with 10 different locations throughout Haiti, the YMCA of Haiti supports the well-being and social/professional growth of youth and adults through programs and activities that are designed to further education, promote personal development, and foster social responsibility. By helping its members build healthy bodies and sound minds, this organization creates agents of change for the emergence of stronger communities.
  • With your assistance, the Thomas Foundation can continue to benefit communities as a whole through our support of specific philanthropic initiatives. We can’t do it alone, but together, we can make a real difference.