4 Effective Ways to Get Millennials Involved in Volunteering

Millennials have set the stage to become one of the most generous and inspiring generations in history. According to Andre Bourque of, millennials make up the largest U.S. demographic, and they are more apt to donate and volunteer to causes that speak to their interests and passions. For example, millennials donating to causes through crowdfunding is a well-established way of raising funds for charity among this age group. So, for an organization like the Thomas Foundation, activating the generosity behind millennials means finding a way to pair an organization’s causes with what millennials care about. In other words, charitable organizations need to have a few tricks up their sleeves to really gain millennial momentum.

1. Your Cause Must Be Visible Online.

Considering the crowdfunding example, any cause for your organization needs to have a strong online presence and include examples of how your organization has made a difference in the world. For example, the Thomas Foundation puts its causes online, via “Our Work.” This page provides a quick glimpse into existing community and charity events, such as the expansion of the arts program at Dupont Underground or working to bring education and fellowship to disadvantaged youth around the globe.

2. Tap Industries Related to Your Causes.

Traditional charities have focused on workplace contributions and sign-ups for volunteers, but that notion does not work with millennials. This generation wants causes they care about without crossing boundaries into companies or careers that might go against their causes, like helping protect the environment while working at an oil company, explains Mark Horoszowski of the Huffington Post. Instead, millennials have positioned themselves in careers related to their passions, like clean energy, protecting the environment or teaching those less fortunate. Think about what careers mirror your organization’s causes, and look for millennials in those careers to naturally draw them to your organization.

3. Make Volunteer Opportunities or Other Charitable Events a Social, Fun Event.

Millennials want balance between social activity and work in their lives. This means your organization can attract these young people by establishing new events that have a social influence. Every event should be tailored to encouraging healthy interactions and a sense of community among volunteers and those in need. Of course, making an event sociable means you need social media too!

4. Put the Power of Social Media to Work in Finding Millennials to Help Your Organization.

Having a great website is only part of the challenge in attracting millennials. You should have a dedicated, frequently updated Facebook page, and consider using every social media venue possible. Make videos to post on YouTube, and use social media to put information and power in the hands of millennials themselves.

Provide instructions on hosting local events for charity, and include detailed accounts of how to get in touch with larger charities, like the Thomas Foundation, for assistance.

Build Your Messaging With Millennials in Mind, and They Will Come to You.

The long-term outlook of the U.S. has problems, but with every problem, a creative solution lies waiting to be unlocked. The Thomas Foundation supports individuals looking for the change they want to see in the world. By making your organization stand out and up for the causes millennials care about, you will draw their engagement. You will gain a following, and you will be able to unlock the practical solutions to leadership, arts, community support and entrepreneurship domestically and abroad. And now, we hope that you would consider supporting the Thomas Foundation by making a donation today.